Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[news] Sunday Night ft. Jaebeom

KBS 2TV's tv show 'Sunday Night' will feature ex member 2PM member Park Jaebum's life in Seattle, America.

The producer has stated "It's been one month since this star has left this land as if he had run away. For the first time, our 'Saturday Night' staff will meet Jaebum in Seattle."

The program will feature the current thoughts of Park Jaebum as a 3rd generation Korean.

Money Tuday and Star News held a phone conversation with the producers, in which they stated "We have met Park Jaebum personally and have asked for a personal interview. He has yet to confirm or answer. Instead, we were able to experience Park Jaebum's American life such as him conversing with friends at a b-boy competition."

Source: 2oneday


Jaebum finally speaks out after leaving to Seattle. 2PM's leader Park Jaebum who temporarily (we're hoping) left the group has finally revealed his feelings of the whole ordeal. On a KBS variety show 'Sunday Night' hosted by Nam Heesuk, Jaebum talks for himself from Seattle.

The producers of the show said that they are "meeting Jaebum for the first time after leaving to Seattle. He denied our interview request but has finally come through with a video message that he sent himself."

The video footage has Jaebum saying that he is "rethinking my actions and behavior... I am working out a way to learn from them and have nothing else to say. I think time must pass before I can say anything."

The show will air on the 25th.

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