Sunday, October 18, 2009

F.T Triple releases “Love Letter” teaser MV

F.T.Triple, composed of 3 members Choi Jong Hoon, Choi Min Hwan, and Lee Jae Jin, is a sub group made from F.T.Island. F.T.Triple released a MV teaser today for their upcoming title-song "Love Letter," through the group's homepage and online music portal sites.

In this teaser, you will see Lee Jae Jin, who originally takes the role of the base and vocal, being in charge of guitar and the vocals. Guitarist Choi Jong Hoon will also be showing a new side, as he switched to piano, but Choi Min Hwan is the same, as he does the drum.

They had a lot of troubles filming the MV as it was filmed in the Philippines, which in the past had terrible typhoons.

Stay tuned, as the full MV is set to release on the 26th.

CR: Maestro-J @ allkpop

CR: jinnienomuyeppo02

Jong Hun looks like an angel! ... love it!

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