Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who choreographed 'RIng Ding Dong'?

SHINee recently made a comeback with their third mini album. They have done their comeback stages at Music Bank and Inkigayo.

SHINee is known for being perfectly synchronized with their unique dance moves. Now who thinks of their stylish choreography? Why, none other than the famous choreographers Misha Gabriel and Nick Bass. Misha Gabriel has worked with Justin TImberlake, BoA, Hillary Duff and more. Nick Bass choreographed Super Junior's"Sorry Sorry" and has worked with Beyonce, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson amongst others. These two also collaborated for BoA's famous "Eat You Up" choreography.

SHINee said regarding their hot new dance, "We're so happy that people are giving us good reactions to our song. We worked hard to bring a new image and as soon as we made a comeback, people have been so kind to us. From now on, we will keep improving on stage for everyone!"

This just makes me wonder, how much money does SM Entertainment put into choreography for their artists? As the number of dance singers increase in Korea, it seems like choreography is huge part in making a comeback. 4minute hired a top choreographer for their "MUZIK" choreography. SM Entertainment stands out the most to me because they also are known for hiring famous dancer Rino Nakasone for f(x), SNSD, and SHINee.

CR: heartfacee @ allkpop

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