Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[photos] MBLAQ Joins Cyworld

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Following the numerous Korean celebrities who are avid users of
Cyworld, members of MBLAQ joined the popular social networking site on the 19th and updated their new minihompy to express their excitement. Their Cyworld updates reveal a side of them that is different from the charismatic personalities they exude when performing on stage.

click their names to go directly to their CYworld!

Seung Ho


Lee Joon

Thunder/ Chun Doong


MBLAQ daebak !!! (t/n: daebak = explosion)
This picture was taken on the day I got a new hair haha

My first pic haha

I am Lee Joon from MBLAQ
I will try to upload pictures frequently from now on ^^
Please show a lot of love for MBLAQ's "Oh Yeah"

You're going to show us lots and lots of love, right?
I will do my best !! ^-^

I will upload pictures frequently from now on!!!!
Coo*** phone is best for selcas!!! keke
(t/n: coo*** = censored as LG Cookie Phone)

Aren't they just the cutest things ever?

MBLAQ's producer Rain / Bi must have learned a thing or two from his friend and ex-producer JYP that communication truly is key. Fans will not only meet this rookie group on stage and on television, but on their computer screens as well, allowing them to easily interact with one another through the internet. Each of their sites has already experienced an impressive number of hits within the first day. Additionally, fans left only positive comments regarding the quintet's debut and the support that they promise to give.

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