Thursday, October 22, 2009

[news] Photo of Intoxicated Kangin Stirs Up Netizens

After a long-winded assault case & hit-and-run controversy, Super Junior's Kangin's time in the limelight seemed to be coming to a close after SM Entertainment semi-resolved the issue with an activity ban for the rest of the year. However, since this Sunday (October 18), a photo that captures a drunken Kangin with a woman was discovered on someone's minihompy and has circulated various websites, garnering much attention.

To make matters worse, the woman who posted the photo on her minihompy had a few words to say about Kangin. "I was lucky [to meet him]~ He's fun, interesting, well-spoken ... drinks well ... [and] is handsome, but he needs to improve his language [and stop swearing]. -_-"

Despite netizens' attempts to figure out the time frame in which this photo was taken, the exact date is unclear since it's gone through so many edits. Many believe that the photo was from over a year ago, judging from his build. The woman who posted the photo has received much flack for posting the image to the public during such a sensitive time; some netizens even went so far as to dig up her personal information and attack her.

In addition, this only served to fuel many netizens' disappointment in Kangin's tainted idol image. "He's an idol and his career is based on his image; why would he take such a photo? ... how can he recover from this?"

Other netizens defended Kangin, arguing, "[Kangin] just got a drink at a bar with a woman. What's wrong with that?" After all, Kangin is of legal drinking age.

Hopefully the hot reaction will cool down soon; even if fans & nonfans debate over this sensitive topic, their arguments & anger won't lead anywhere in the end.

Source: + lawlietta @ allkpop


there's nothing wrong about drinkin or going out with women..
the problem is how you handle yourself being drunk!
to that kangin totally fails…

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