Monday, November 2, 2009

[news] 2PM Already Reigning Charts with “Tired of Waiting”

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To say that 2PM's comeback is highly anticipated is an understatement - words wouldn't do justice to the countless emotions that many Hottests and kpop fans have been experiencing for the past few days, let alone the past two months. So it's no surprise that, less than hours after its release, the boy band's latest track Tired of Waiting has skyrocketed to claim #1 on various real time charts and met an explosive reaction.

Music Monkey, the professional music site at which Tired of Waiting is being sold, released the song earlier today and watched it quickly climb charts over a short period of time. There's no question that the momentum of the song release and upcoming music video will launch Tired of Waiting into the Top 11 Chart. A representative further explained, "The first official album will be released in mid-November, and will undoubtedly be the hot issue of the kpop market during the latter half of 2009."

...And this isn't even the official album's title track - after JY Park announced that he had personally produced the album's main song, it is widely believed that the "bigger track" has yet to come. Composed by Kim Chang Dae, Tired of Waiting is receiving much attention for its musical quality. Aside from the hype coming from the infamous 2PM controversies that exploded two months ago, the song has been getting a hot reaction for its easy, sensual melody and cryptic lyrics that are arguably targeted at a certain Park Jaebeom. After listening to the track carefully, many fans are even speculating that Jaebeom's voice is actually present in the track; however, with all of the overlapping voices during the chorus and some of the verses, it's difficult to tell.

Although many people felt that they had cracked the code to JYPE with the countdown timer "1:59 time stop" discovery, it looks like JYPE really knows how to keep us on our toes.

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