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[news] SHINee : Interview SudSubDa mag. November 09 issue.

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What the bast thing when you are member of SHINee now ?

ONEW : I can talk with member of SHINee as much as I want and I've got experience on stage .
JONGHYUN : I knew more about music and singing as much as I want .
KEY : I can make my dream come true .
TAEMIN : I knew a lot of people when I was training that made me very happy when I join in SHINee and show on the stage .

When you was young, which occupation that you wanted to be ?

ONEW : I wanted to be singer. When I study in high school I wanted my dream come true !
JONGHYUN : I wanted to be singer or composer.
KEY : -
MINHO : I wanted to be footballer I got influenced a lot from my dad.
TAEMIN : I wanted to be singer. When I was young I really like to dance that made me want to be singer all the time.

What the bad habit that you still make your parents always complain with you ?

ONEW : Nothing^^
JONGHYUN : I think . . no.
KEY : When I was young my parents always teach me for do not do the wrong way. Now, they never complain again.
MINHO : Really it is not a bad habit but it's like . . when I call them I don't know what I need to talk to them.
TAEMIN : When I loss my thing.

If something force you to fimprove something that you did wrong in the past what you will do ?

ONEW : I will make friend a lot.
KEY : Now I always remember. If now I am 7 years old I will do the best for examination for get 100 points
I want more practise to be singer, good for study and get more experience ^^
MINHO : Until now I never sad what I did but I have a lot of thing that i want to do.
TAEMIN : I want to be trainy again . I want to do more practise.

Which food that you can do the best in the world ?

ONEW : Ra-Meng
JONGHYUN : Ra-meng (only this thing that I can do)
KEY : It isn't food but it's how to make the best Earl Gray Tea (me : I don't know how to spelling this word)
MINHO : Ra-meng
TAEMIN : I cannot do well for cooking but I can grill beef better than cooking.

If talk about member of SHINee ?

ONEW : Jjong is guitar , Key is key , Minho is book , Tae Min is drum.
JONGHYUN : Minho is Gallant (남자답고), Tae Min is always look all the thing aroud him, Key have special identity, Onew is very gental
KEY : Tae Min likes a baby, Onew and Jjong is big brother for Minho . . ㅋㅋ
MINHO : Onew,Jjong,Key and Tae Min we are shing boy !
TAEMIN : Jjong is dinosaur (look likes dinosaur), Onew is big brother(he is our leader and take care for us a lot), Key is key(key for do everything), Minho is model (he is high)

If you stay at hut in the forest then Power failure! who you want to call for stay there with you?

ONEW : My best friend.
JONGHYUN : I will call 119 (Police) for help but I stay in the forest how can I have electricity ^^
KEY : My best friend.
MINHO : My maneger and member of SHINee because they're close to me and I believe them~!
TAEMIN : My maneger , he is reliable and majestical.

Which type of girl that make you look at her ?

ONEW : Pure Girl.
JONGHYUN : The girl who got nice skin.
KEY : The girl who got her ownstyle!
MINHO : Pretty girl and kind~

Who is the best funny in SHINee ? and talk about what they did ?

ONEW : Jjong when he talk everything is funny.
JONGHYUN : Onew. He got a lot of story to talk and that story always made us laugh.
KEY : Tae Min. This one, just look at his face after that you will laugh.
MINHO : Onew. When we practise to dance or working he will always talk funny story.
TAEMIN : Onew. When we stay at our apartment he will talk funny story that make us laugh everytime.

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