Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[news] Cast of You’re Beautiful buoyed by fan support

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Fan support has been ardent, to say the least, for the SBS drama You’re Beautiful and its young cast. The drama’s lead, Jang Geun-seok, had expressed feeling disappointment that the ratings remain lower than hoped for and that he’d felt responsible as the main cast member. In reaction, fans to jump into action to show their love of the drama.

As you may know by now, he’d written a message to that effect on the drama’s homepage last week, saying, “I wonder whether the reason for the ratings being lower than we thought may be because I’m not portraying the Hwang Tae-kyung character as fully as I could be. If not, maybe the drama isn’t receiving more love because of me as Jang Geun-seok.”

After learning this, Jang Geun-seok’s fan club mobilized both on- and offline in full force to show their overwhelming support. His fan club forum is overrun with supportive messages. Fans also got together and delivered the cast and crew a buffet meal on their film set, which served 100 people. (The photos above and below are from that buffet lunch on October 30.) They’ve also sent presents like vitamins and letters rooting on the production.

Jang expressed his gratitude, saying that he was cheered by all the support by fans who are “like eels who give me energy.” (Eels are relatively expensive and eaten with the belief that they give added energy and stamina.) He added, “I’ll do my best through the end with a grateful heart.” His co-stars Park Shin-hye, Lee Hong-ki, and Jung Yong-hwa said, “Thank you for loving our Geun-seok hyung.”

Meanwhile, on November 2, Lee Hong-ki wrote his own message which he posted on the drama’s website, asking for fans’ continued support. His message read, “Our You’re Beautiful team filmed on the weekend from morning till night. We began filming in September, and already two months have passed and the drama is half over. I feel the difficulty of the actors and staff as we see the drama air scenes we had shot the day before. Even with the tough schedule, as I see the staff who are always smiling and our truly praiseworthy lead actors Jang Geun-seok hyung, Shin-hye, and Yong-hwa, I feel really secure, and coming to the set is a lot of fun.”

He added, “After I finish shooting the drama as Jeremy, I will return to FT Island as Hong-ki, and I’m busy preparing for our concert on the 14th and 15th. I’m working hard on the drama too. Everyone, please give a lot of support to You’re Beautiful through the end.”

The drama has confirmed that it will end on the 26th with Episode 16. Note that this is NOT a cut-down of episodes, and I think the number is probably appropriate for this story. The production had left the door open in the beginning to extend the episodes to 20, but that was always going to be an option only if the drama proved to be a ratings hit.

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