Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[project] “You’re Beautiful” Fan Photo Project!

CR: javabeans @ dramabeans

Pls credit the sources and all sites when reposting. Do not hotlink the graphics.

If you want to participate, and I really hope you do, all you have to do is take a picture of you with one of the following sentences:

I like Minami because….
내가 미남이를 좋아하는 이유는…

“Fighting YAB cast and crew!”
미남이시네요 제작진과 출연진, 화이팅!

“Feel the YAB love from the whole world”
미남이시네요에 보내는 전세계로부터의 응원을 알아주세요!

“Jang Geun-Seok we love you!”
장근석, 사랑해요!

“Park Shin Hye we adore you!”
박신혜, 정말 좋아해요!

“Lee Hong Ki you are the greatest!”
이홍기, 최고에요!

“Jung Yong Hwa you rule our world!”
정용화, 짱이에요!

“You are beautiful – the best show in the world!”
미남이시네요 – 세계최고에요!

“UEE – we love to hate you! Great Job”
유이, 미워서 좋아요! 진짜 잘하고 있어요!

Translation was kindly provided by pacepace!

Write them down on something like paper or anything you can think of! BE CREATIVE! Then take your picture! Please send it to: We will collect the pictures and put them into a slide show. Additionally we will print them out.

We are now cooperating with DC Gallery who will deliver our oversea fan project personally to the set.

Since the drama won’t be on too long anymore we have a very very tight schedule!

So the Deadline for the Photo OP is Sunday, November 8, 6 pm GTM. If your picture arrives later then that I cannot promise that I will be in the slide show. I’m sorry about it but as said the schedule is very tight.


1. First of all take a picture and send it to
2. Spread the word. Tell people to come here and join. If you are in other communities tell them about our project! If you have friends, parents, student bodies, bosses, teachers or strangers willing to take a picture with a sentence from above take them in.
3. Join our community on Facebook: Mi Nami
4. Be creative in your picture
5. Sooner or later we have to set up a donation so we can give pao some money for printing out the pages. Please bear with me until then and remember that 3 dollars could already buy some flowers!

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