Friday, November 6, 2009

[news] Staff's Diary

CR: winkme + translation: lala_land @ soompi thread

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어제(12시가 지났네요..-_ㅜ)도 팬 여러분께서 많이 노력해주신 덕분에
KBS 뮤직뱅크에서 ‘링딩동(Ring Ding Dong)’이 K-차트에서
1위를 수상했습니다~~아~~!!!!!!!! -0-

역시 기쁠 때나 슬플 때나 링딩동~!! >_< 너무 감사 드립니당~♡ 오늘은 긴말 없이 사진으로 인사 드리고, 후딱 물러 가겠습니당! 앞으로도 계속 폭풍 스트리밍 부탁 드려요~ 아자아자!! 쌀쌀한 밤, 따뜻하게 빛나는 SHINee와 함께 하시고, 안냥히 주무쎄용~ (뽀나쓰~~ 요건 지난 주 인기가요랍니다~ㅋㅋㅋ)

Ring Ding Dong~Ring Ding Dong~Ringdigidingdigidingdingding~~~


Even now(It has passed 12..-_ㅜ) thanks to the support of so many fans, at KBS Music Bank, ‘링딩동(Ring Ding Dong)’ was awarded 1st at K-chart ~~ah~~!!!!!!!! -0-

Indeed in good times and bad times Ring Ding Dong~!! >_<

Thank you very much~♡

Today without being long-winded, i'll send my greetings through a photo and shall go off quickly!
In future too, please continue to support by streaming a lot~ Aja Aja!!

Chilly night, Together with warm Shining SHINee,
Have a goodnight~

(Bonus~~ This was from last week's inkigayo~kekeke)

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