Friday, November 6, 2009

[news] Beauties and their BEAST

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BEAST may be one of the new boy bands on the block, but with their rising popularity, it's no surprise that these boys have already earned their fan club a name. It's only been a few weeks and these boys have been promoting their debut single Bad Girl with great fervor, reeling in quite a fanbase for themselves.

Most established groups never fail to thank their fans for completing them. In BEAST's case, the fans not only make the group feel whole and loved, but their fan club name totally completes their group name as well. Fans of this boy group can now call themselves proud "Beauty." Beauty and the Beast! Get it, get it?

While I'm not sure how guy fans feel about this name, girls must feel quite flattered with such a lovely name. Congrats to BEAST for keeping up their charismatic performances and let's hope that the group and their beauties will live happily ever after spend many years supporting each other.

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