Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[news] Rain Solo Concert in Las Vegas

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Singer Rain'll appear on the stage in America after 3 years.

Rain is to hold his Asia Tour Concert, 'Legend of Rainism', at Coliseum inside of Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas for both days of December 24th and 25th.

He's come to hold a Christmas concert in 3 years in that location where he held his 'Rains' Coming 06/07 World Tour in Las Vegas' in 2006. He was the first Korea's singer to hold his own concert at Coliseum of Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas, and it drew audiences totaling more than 8,000 people for two days.

Caesars Palace Hotel is best known as the site to bring the concert of the world's singers such as Celine Dion or Elton John, etc. This concert will be held as part of Rain's Asia Tour Concert which is currently under way starting with it at Saitama Super Arena in Japan last August, and he already held his concert in Japan and in Korea and will hold it in Hong Kong and in Jakarta, Indonesia, by the end of this year.

Rain held his single concert in Las Vegas in February, 2006, after holding it at the Madison Square Garden of New York City in the same year. This concert has a deeper meaning in that he's come to hold his concert for the first time since his every concert was continuingly canceled in LA, Hawaii, etc. during the 'World Tour Concert'.

In particular, holding the concert in Las Vegas a month after the release of his first hollywood leading movie Ninja Assassin, can exert a good influence on his future activities.

Meanwhile, Rain'll promote Ninja Assassin, ahead of the worldwide release, participating in a huge advance screening of journalists in the Asia region and meeting the press with the media in Asia.

Rain is going to leave for America in the middle of November just before the release, and to promote the movie, going around big cities, New York, LA, etc.

~~ i really want to watch.. but i dunno... i dont want to spend my christmas on sin city..
but i doo really want to watch..... anyways am still hoping that there will be a red carpet premier of Ninja Assassin here in LA. and i HOPE!! ... or WISH! that Lee Joon would attend! ---- keeping my fingers crossed!

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