Sunday, November 1, 2009

[video] 091102 [HQ] MBLAQ - KBS Interview

CR: absolutemblaq + beztis + translate by eira@absolutemblaq

MBLAQ: Hi, we're MBLAQ, please look on us kindly.

MC: We're looking forward to the group that singer Rain has produced. But in contrast to their powerful stage, apparently they have a surprising side?

MC: They say you are divided into "dirty guys" and "clean guys"?

Seungho: We're not particularly dirty guys, we're just the average guy style. We wash cleanly and quickly, and that's it. If you're a man, you can wash and be done in 10 minutes

Joon: You can wash in 2 minutes, 2 minutes.

MC: And these two wash for one hour?

CD: Yes, that's right

SH: Our apartment was a villa-style, if those two go in to wash, we couldn't because there was no hot water.

Mir: That's why we don't wash.

Subtitle: To wash away the dishonour of the "dirty guy" - Lee Joon's kick!
[after he fails the first try, pointing to his pants] Joon: Look at this! I'll lift it up and do it!

MC: Success, on the second try! As soon as he's succeeded, he returns to his idol image. Lee Joon, you will be complimented by company president Rain.

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